Around the Block

It had almost been a week, so Caleb and I had to run.  Unfortunately, he showed me his new blister on his foot last night.  So today I was going to run alone.  Started later than I planned, so decided to run to Grandma Jones’ house and meet the family there.  Had second thoughts and decided to just run 3 laps around our block (3 miles).  As I came back to the house after lap 1, I noticed Julie was home with the girls already.  So I cancelled the rest of my run.

Only one mile.  Oh well.  I guess it’s better than nothing.

After watching someone’s video of the race, I think Caleb and I should do lots of stadium workouts, and maybe a couple more Peter’s Canyon runs.


Trying Something New

Caleb and I HAD to get a run in, but he was so not motivated.  He suggested taking turns running, so we tried it.  The plan was to run 1 mile at a time.  When one finishes, the other starts.

Caleb went first.  I brought a chair out on the lawn while he went, and I kept track of his time.  After his first mile, I left about a minute later.  When I got back, he left for his second.  We were going to continue this until we both ran 4 miles, but we settled for 3.

Each of Caleb’s time were a little slower than the previous time.  Mine were all about the same.  All of Caleb’s times were about a minute faster than mine.

I am convinced that Caleb can beat me at any length.

Running With Caleb

Caleb and I signed up for the Camp Pendleton 10K Mud Run.  It should be a lot of fun.  We’ve been trying to train some for it.  It’s not easy to get Caleb to run more than twice a week – I’d like to do 3.  We usually run between 4 and 4.5 miles a run, and our max so far has been about 5.6.

I’d like to do a couple of runs that are AT LEAST 6.2 miles before we race, but we’ll see.

Running at Grandma’s

We all went over to Grandma and Grandpa J’s house for Sunday hangin’.  I brought my running clothes so Anthony and I could run.  I was trying to talk him into going 2, but he thought 1 mile would be best.  We ended up going about 1.3 miles on the riverbed.  Anthony worked me.  My only consolation was that I could probably take him in 3 miles or longer.  But who knows.

When we got back to Grandma’s house, I picked up my Shuffle and put in what I hoped was about 2 more miles on the river trail, this time running on the dirt roads in the middle.  I haven’t mapped out the run yet, so we’ll see how far it actually was.  And I didn’t have a watch, so I have no idea about our time.

A couple of days later, Anthony told me he probably could have / should have ran faster.

Sunset Run

My favorite time to run.  Did my 3 mile loop (Walnut to Handy to Collins to Lincoln) backwards – well, there is no frontwards.  But I usually like running it the other way.

Ran a 28:43.98

Felt pretty good, tried to finish strong.  Best song was “The Assent of Stan” by Ben Folds Five.

To Grandma’s

Was determined to run to Grandma J’s house.  Left later than planned, and realized I would be late for dinner.  Didn’t want to be rude, so the plan was to flag down Julie and the kids as they passed me and get a ride.

So I kept watching for them.

Felt slow all the way.  Kept looking for them.  Considered walking to cool down while waiting for them to pass me.

Running, Again

Ran twice in week, for the first time in a while.  Both times I did around 3 miles.  The first time I wasn’t sure if I was up for all 3.  But by mile 2 I felt pretty good.  Had my Shuffle with me, so that helped.  It conked out on me on the first run.  Stayed with me on the second.

Both times under 30 minutes.  I’ll take just under 10 minutes per mile.  At this point.  Hopefully next week it will be under 27 minutes.